New Students

Looking to further your experience with Yoga? Welcome to Head, Heart and Hands.

While it can be a little daunting starting anything new, rest assured that Head Heart and Hands yoga is accessible for everyone.

What do the qualifications mean?

Since there is little industry standards around yoga just about anyone can call themselves a ‘yoga teacher’. You’ll get a certificate after a weeks yoga teaching training course in Bali having never practiced before! That’s not to say those yoga teachers have something genuine or enthusiastic to offer, but as a new student it didn’t inspire much confidence for what I was looking for.

The teachers of Head, Heart and Hands Yoga are professionals having undertaken a comprehensive 1600hr industry recognised Diploma of Yoga which ensures that the quality and care of teaching is second to none. Our teachers touch on every aspect of yoga, including Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Tantra, Kunadlini Yoga, as well as the more widely known Hatha yoga.

What sets HHH apart?

Our experience is not only limited to yoga as our teachers also study exercise science, anatomy, physiology and yoga psychology having studied with master teachers with over 40 years of yoga experience. Many of our teachers have also taught on the Diploma of Yoga itself, teaching the next generation of yoga teachers. Our teachers are members of industry recognised governing bodies of yoga including the International Yoga teachers Association (IYTA) and Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association (SYTA), which ensures thorough training, continuing professional development (CPD), insurance and first aid requirements have you covered!

However what sets our teachers apart is the 1000’s of hours of personal experience in yoga and the transformations that we’ve personally experienced which is available to everyone.

When Your ready

After the first few classes and when your ready to commit to a few classes or a term, we’ll ask you to please fill in the pre-student questionaire. This quick survey helps to tailor each class to students experience and needs making sure that each class is unique and personal.

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