The word sustainability is often used vaguely, and with so many murky definitions it can be hard to know what’s actually intended. Our commitments to being sustainable is a way of life.

Here is what we mean when we say sustainability.

Our wood and materials are locally sourced from independent suppliers – where possible.

Our choice of recycled timber balances the act of aesthetics and longevity and functionality -made from 40mm recycled pine planks from the transport industry.

Using every scrap of timber is a worthy challenge. We actively maximise the use of the timber and off cuts are used to create top bars, build bird boxes and the rest warms our house over the winter.

Investing in bee health is the best practice as a bee keeper. Good design goes a long way. Minimising the use of pesticides in management and chemicals in construction is essential. The design of these hives is based on years of experience of keeping bees. So your well looked after!

Our power comes from the sun and what we don’t use goes back to the grid.

The natural oils we use are based on a blend of natural oils from an Australian company which produces a low sheen finishing oil based on Tung Nut Oil, Beeswax, Citrus solvents and anti-fungal oils that penetrates the timber substrate to nourish, preserve and seal; as well as providing protection against weather degradation and rot.

Even some of our screws and bolts are recycled!

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