About Design

These Kenyan Top Bar Hives are based on a design by Adrian Iodice which have been tried and tested for Australian conditions. These use a combination of Les Crowder’s hive dimensions and Phil Chandler’s management techniques which combined, ensures the best of both designs, easier bee keeping and flexibility to manage the hive.

Having worked with all sorts of hives over the last 6 years I keep coming back to using Top Bar Hives on our farm. In short, they’re simple, easy to use and better for the bees. Did we mention they’re made from 90% recycled timber? So they’re good for the environment that bees need to thrive!

The hives are hand built in Butterwick, NSW out of 40mm recycled pine boards and hardwood legs which makes for a strong sturdy and well insulated hive. All the exposed pine boards are twice coated with a natural tung and beeswax based oil. The Top Bar hive roof is made from recycled cladding or natural timber that is either painted or coated with a natural outdoor timber oil for a durable finish. Everything is screwed rather than glued as the bees don’t take to anything that’s not natural.

Please note, if you live in hotter climates (north of Brisbane) we recommend installing a mesh floor to allow for easier ventilation. Please ask for this option prior to purchase.

Prices start from $650 AUD for a complete hive setup. Viewing windows can be added for $150. Complete starter kits (including complete hive, advanced package, bee equipment, installation and a one hour onsite tutorial) start from $1350. For the more experienced beekeepers we also do custom builds if you have a design or need in mind.

We also supply bees ready to start your colony in a basic package (bees and queen only) or our preferred advanced package which includes 3 bars or brood and capped honey ready to go (this helps prevent cross combing while giving the hive a jump start!)

We can also deliver in a flat pack form Australia Wide. Please inquire for details.

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