Top Bar Hives

Top bar hives are for everyone. Originally developed in Canada for African countries where resources were scare, the popularity of Top Bar Hives is thriving. Essentially it’s about putting bees and bee keepers first rather than viewing bees as simply honey extraction units. What’s good for bees is good for us so why not treat them that way? After all the living environment is sacred.

Top Bar Hives mimic a bees natural environment allowing bees to behave freely again. It is designed to have removable combs for inspection, but the bees choose their comb size, shape, thickness, and organization which the conventional box-hive does not allow. There are no plastics, no steel, no glues, no forced brood areas and no small nooks for hive beetles to thrive. There’s more insulation in a top bar hive, there’s no heavy lifting of boxes and no bending over backwards. Harvesting requires less disruption to the hive, there’s effectively no maintenance and repair of frames. Top Bar Hives require less tools, less (if no) smoking, less ongoing maintenance and you get honey and bees wax at the end of the day. All in all, it allows the bee guardian to maintain bees living in a natural habitat!

Did we also mention that we do custom builds, to your specifications! We also supply empty hives, those with a starter pack for beginners or a full advanced hives for those wanting to reconnect. Once setup all you need to do is sit back, educate yourself and enjoying the benefits of your own fresh honey!


Raw timber basic hives start from


Finished hives (includes 2 coats of natural oils to the body of the hive as well as a Delux weathershield painted roof for those harsh Australian conditions) start from


Bee Packages (queen and bees only) start from

$250 installed

Nucleus or “Nucs” (queen, bees and 6 starter frames) start from

$350 installed

We also flat pack (hives only) and can deliver in NSW at additional cost.

Please Note:

  • There is a 2 week build time for custom hives and a 3-4 week turnaround time for bees (when available). This may be shorter depending on supply and time of year. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require your order sooner and we’ll see what we can do.
  • While we update this website and due to the nature of using recycled timbers, our hives look slightly different on the outside than those pictured. We generally use whatever recycled materials we can get our hands on. Sometimes that’s a painted roof, sometimes it’s rounded edges on the top bars rather than square.


Amazing service, thanks Chris! We are really happy with our hive, love the recycled timber and rustic finish. Our bees are settling in and the family can’t wait for our first harvest!

Steven Drinkwater, Thornton, NSW

Finished Top Bar Hive – Most common

Natural Finished hive with an advance nucleus ready to go!


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