Farm and Bees

A little about our farming practices:

Our organic and biodynamic farming practices continually seek to bring greater health and environmental outcomes for ourselves and our planet. While our farming techniques aim to re-balance the needs of biodiversity and community we serve.

Our bee hives are exclusively Kenyan Top Bar hives which has far greater benefits to the bee hive as an organism than traditional hives. Although this may translate to less honey production (compared to traditional hives) the method is far superior translating to healthier bees, better honey (so we and our customers believe) as well as being more fun to collect!

Our garlic is of heritage breeds where cross pollination is encouraged to ensure a sustainable production year after year. Our varieties of seed are from years of breeding from original organic stock to ensure only the best seed is planted which is better suited to our region, rainfall and soil conditions. This we believe makes our garlic, not only local and great tasting but additionally nutritionally dense.

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