What is Yoga?

Many people think of yoga as an exercise. While there is an element of truth in this definition, Yoga goes well beyond a way to get fit or be flexible. If anything they are by-products in much the way bees are pollinators essential for our survival, but most of the time we’re thinking about honey!

Perhaps the best way I’ve come to explain yoga is this: The western way of thinking and validating truth (science) has lead to incredible results in the objective material world. We only have to look around to marvel at the ability to send a man to the moon or gaze into particle physics with a sense of awe and wonder. Yet when it comes to understanding or ‘inner-standing’ of our internal world, which operates on an entirely different set of ‘laws’, it become very apparent there is a long way to go (just think of the alarming increase in mental health issues in modern life.)

Yoga is then like a road map of the internal world. Insights, wisdom, inspiration, paths and warning signs made by others for the inner journey that is to be made. A journey best described as the only real journey worth undertaking, one from the head to the heart.

Thousands of years of self study and wisdom passed down through the ages is what we have in front of us that is yoga. What was relevant to the human condition then is no different from what we experience today. No different. Being human it seems has it’s universal challenges. What yoga offers is a way to live in harmony.

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